Jamie 16, Ipswich Australia this blog is so multi-fandom it hurts

my cousin had her baby 5 days ago, is it too late to send congratulations over facebook

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Note to self. Print out fanart of rider catching sakura and stick it to brother’s door in exchange for not buying him a birthday present


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.


thank you


thank you



I have so, so, so much sympathy for City Elves.

Like, no one gives two shits about any of them. Humans can get away with murder, rape and theft towards them. Some of the Dalish even call them ‘Flat Ears’ and look down on them.

No one seems to understand why the City Elves don’t fight back…


The actual funniest thing about characterizing Cullen as being a creepy letch over Amell/Surana?

When you find him again at the end of Broken Circle, he’s brushing off a desire demon in Amell/Surana’s form.

That’s right. Not only does he refrain from engaging with Amell/Surana because he knows…

so when I faced the mother on my main game I had Velanna casting some spells like blizzard and inferno, then I switched back to my warden



mama spine

That’s it that’s the band


mama spine

That’s it that’s the band

So two mages and a chanty sister walk into the repository

Changing my main warrior from aeducan to mahariel piss my brother off.

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Should’ve used these in my surana game

How have I never used the spirit path before this walking bomb spell is awesome


Inspirational pokemon photos.


Do you ever cry over your fictional elven cousin?

Because I do.

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why havent i seen any aus where bucky has a prosthetic limb. why havent i seen any art of it. you’re all missing out on the opportunity to have and au with pre serum Steve and Buck as angry disabled kids who fight ableism and Bucky gets in a lot less trouble because of course the kid with one arm couldn’t of punched anyone and Steve and Clint talk in ASL together